Psychological Effects of Liposuction Surgery

There are many psychological effects of liposuction surgery, and patients will have to consider all of these aspects before having the surgery. When it comes to liposuction procedures, the patient identifies a problem, brings it to a surgeon’s attention and requests a remedy. The success of the operation usually has a lot to do with the patient’s psychological state and perception of themselves. Surgeons must conduct an initial consultation or preoperative screening to determine which patients would suffer psychologically from the liposuction surgery.

Assessing the Psychological Effects of Liposuction

The preoperative screening is designed to protect patients from their own misconceptions about what liposuction will do for their body. This screening process is an informal conversation between the doctor and patient, which is used to give the doctor an understanding of the patient’s motives and expectations.

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Prospective liposuction patients are encouraged to be candid and honest in their reasons for wanting the operation, and to be realistic in their expectations. The initial consultation can give patients confidence in their doctor and in the liposuction procedure. Surgeons will be able to deduce whether or not a patient will be satisfied with the results of the liposuction procedure. A doctor’s intuition may be able to save some patients from any bad psychological effects of liposuction surgery.

Physical and Psychological Effects of Liposuction

Having a liposuction procedure performed can prove stressful for many patients and they may experience both physical and psychological stress. It is important for patients to schedule their liposuction surgery at a point in their lives that is not mentally or physically stressful for them.

If a liposuction procedure is scheduled during a time of high activity or emotional upheaval, patients will increase their risk of medical complications, and stress after the surgery will slow the recovery process.

How will the the Psychological Effects of Liposuction Manifest

Patients will have difficulty adjusting to the change their liposuction surgery brings, because the operation can significantly change their body image. The postoperative adjustment period will be long and difficult for many liposuction patients. A feeling of seeing an unfamiliar reflection in the mirror is common for many folks with some having a difficult time adjusting to their redefined body.

Another of the psychological effects of liposuction cosmetic surgery is postoperative depression. After the surgical procedure, patients may experience mild feelings of unhappiness, but sometimes this depression can be more severe. Typically, three days after the procedure patients begin to doubt the success of their surgery and become depressed.

The first three days after the surgery is the worst time for many patients, although they tend to regain their physical stamina after that period even though there will be no improvement in their postoperative appearance.

Postoperative depression can last from a few days to several weeks in some patients. This depression can be caused by stress, exhaustion, metabolic changes, or the frustration of not seeing immediate results. Patients who were stressed before the liposuction surgery or those that have a history of depression are the most vulnerable to postoperative depression.

Some patients may also encounter a decreased sense of self-image following the surgery, which is usually caused by criticism. Having liposuction cosmetic surgery can elicit criticism from family and friends, which is not all positive. These criticisms can cause patients to look at their body in a demeaning manner. Some may also experience a decreased feeling of self worth as some friends may deem them as frivolous for having the surgery. Patients will then question their reasons for wanting the liposuction procedure, and may question their image of themselves.

Prospective candidiates should always consider the psychological effects of  liposuction surgery, before making a commitment to change their bodies.

Updated: May 5, 2016
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