How Much Does Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Cost

Liposuction is currently the most popular cosmetic surgery performed. The beneficial surgery is performed to remove excess fatty deposits and the fat cells are extracted using a sucking technique. The cost of the procedure varies depending on the doctor, the state, the type of surgery, and the equipment.

The cost of liposuction changes greatly depending on the surgeon that is chosen. Since there is little regulation on the pricing of cosmetic surgery, doctors usually charge the greatest amount they feel patients will pay to maximize their profits. A doctor may also have higher costs for the surgery depending on where their office is located. Regional differences affect the costs of running the medical facility and result in higher prices for patients.

In addition, bear in mind that if multiple surgeries are likely, it is more cost effective to have them performed at the same time. Once a patient is anesthetized, it becomes cheaper to perform any additional procedures.

Another factor that will affect the cost of liposuction surgery is the area of the body that is being targeted and the gender of the patient.

Liposuction Surgery : Liposuction Costs

Cost of Liposuction for Men

The price of the liposuction is often based on the degree of difficulty that is involved in removing the fat. For example, areas such as the face, neck, chin and ankles store less fat and are therefore more complex areas on which to operate. For this reason, those areas are usually more expensive. In addition, the cost of liposuction for men is generally more expensive than female liposuction because male fat is generally more fibrous.

The amount of fat removed during liposuction also affects the cost. The larger the volume of extracted fat the more expensive the surgery will be. This is because removing more fact takes additional time.

Cost of Liposuction Surgeon Varies - Image Credit: Plastic Surgeon Vishal Kapoor, MDAnother cost related factor is the type of equipment used to perform the liposuction surgery. The more advanced the equipment the higher the cost. Therefore, laser assisted and ultrasound liposuction is more expensive than traditional liposuction. Keep in mind that these innovative techniques require extensive training, which also contributes to the higher costs.

You should also be aware that if no anesthesia is used, as in certain outpatient procedures, the cost would be significantly lower.

Average Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Though it is extremely difficult to give an exact dollar amount for the cost of liposuction surgery, most experts will agree on a rough estimate. They advise that facility and testing fees are around $500 for a typical liposuction procedure. This will cover blood tests, pain medication, and compression garments. The surgery itself is around $2000 for females and $3000 for males. Secondary areas receiving liposuction at the same time will be greatly discounted.

A potential patient should also be aware of additional fees that can add to the total cost. In some cases, different parts of the body are classified in different price zones. For this reason, it is important to ask for a complete price beforehand to avoid any unexpected expenses.

Bear in mind that financing is usually available to help patients pay for the cost of liposuction surgery. It is important to research payment options ahead of time.

As with any surgical procedure, the decision to have liposuction is an extremely personal one. Many factors should be considered when deciding whether or not to have the procedure, including the cost. A potential patient should weigh the cost of liposuction as well as the risks and benefits of the procedure to decide if the surgery is worth it for them.

Updated: May 5, 2016
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