Being Realistic about Liposuction Results

The liposuction procedure can be used to sculpt and reshape many areas of the body, but it is not a miracle and not a cure for weight loss. Patients must be realistic in their expectations of the surgery and must be willing to wait a while for the overall liposuction results to be realized.

Liposuction Results Recovery Time

Some patients may see liposuction results immediately after the procedure, and it may be easy to feel that the fat has been removed by touching the treated area. If patients have liposuction done by the tumescent technique, then the anesthetic solution may remain in the area for several days. The anesthetic solution may prevent many folks from seeing a difference in the size of their liposuction-ed areas for several days.

The body may also swell after the surgery, which may take the place of the missing fat, so patients will not be able to see the effect of the surgery for a while. However, the swelling does not cause such an enlargement that it will prevent patients from seeing results. The swelling simply hides the improvement from the liposuction for several weeks.

Most patients discover the significant change within four weeks of having the procedure. Improvement to the treated area will continue, but the process will be much slower, and the final result can usually be seen six months after the surgery. An adequate consultation with the surgeon will ensure that most patients will be satisfied with their liposuction results.

The most noticeable effects of the liposuction surgery may occur a few days after the procedure. The compression garment will be removed and patients will be able to see their body for the first time after the surgery.

Patients may also be able to see the definite liposuction results within two months of having the surgery. The success of the surgery can be determined during this time although not all liposuction procedures produce fantastic results.

Some areas may have minimal changes, such as the face and ankles. The most consistent and significant liposuction results can be seen in the arm, abdomen, breast, thighs, and calves.

The treated area should be examined for any inconsistencies and oddities caused by the liposuction procedure. Lumpy areas, sustained swelling, and bruising are all problems, and should be reported to the surgeon immediately if they do not subside within two months. Some patients may not be satisfied, and may have to have additional enhancements, but the majority are normally pleased with the results.

Are Liposuction Results Permanent

Liposuction surgery results are permanent, and will change the patient’s body shape, even if they gain weight after the procedure.

Patients should not expect significant weight loss after the liposuction procedure. Fat is removed from cosmetically important areas, and the procedure should improve the aesthetic appearance. Individuals receiving the liposuction procedure should not count on significant weight loss afterward.

However, patients do not have to worry about fat cells re-growing since they will never grow back. Nevertheless, if a patient gains an excessive amount of weight then new fat cells may develop. If a patient gains a small amount of weight, then existing fat cells may get larger by accumulating more fat within existing cells. An increase of more than ten percent of body weight can cause the development of new fat cells in all areas of the body.

A patient that gains weight after their liposuction procedure will only decrease the results of their surgery. It is ideal for patients to weigh less after surgery, so if a patient weighs one hundred and fifty pounds before surgery and has eight pounds of fat removed, then they should weigh one hundred and forty two pounds after surgery. However, if the patient regains those eight pounds, then the cosmetic results will not be, as pleasing. Nevertheless, the patient may still look better than they did before the surgery. The maximum amount of fat removal by liposuction is usually six to eight pounds.

Updated: May 5, 2016
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