Liposuction Buttock Lift Surgery

Liposuction buttock lift surgery is becoming an ever popular procedure to lift the buttocks, and give them an overall better look and appeal. Lipoplasty or liposuction of the buttocks is used to enhance gluteal contours. The excess fat in the buttocks is removed using liposuction, which in turn gives patients a leaner appearance. The same procedure may also be performed to give patients rounder and fuller buttocks while getting rid of unsightly dimples and loose skin.

Liposuction Buttock Lift with Implants

Patients with poor skin quality and droopy buttocks may find lipoplasty with implants or buttock augmentation fat grafting as the best solution. The latter process requires autologous fat injection, and the grafting of fat from another part of the body to add volume to the buttocks.

The fat used in the injections is usually borrowed from the abdomen, hips, back and thighs. The fat cells are removed via lipoplasty and then injected, in layers, into the buttocks. There may be some disadvantages to this procedure, because the body may reabsorb the fat cells. However, the body does not usually reject the newly placed fat, and most surgeries are a success. Good skin quality will give the appearance of a younger, lifted buttock.

The success of this procedure depends on the quality of the patient’s skin, which will be used to determine whether liposuction is necessary. Poor skin quality and droopy buttocks warrant the need for lipoplasty and patients of this procedure typically have loose skin, with cellulite and skin irregularities. Liposuction may also be best for patients that have had a massive amount of weight gain or loss.

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Liposuction Buttock Lift - No Implants

If patients are dissatisfied with the size and weight of their buttocks, then they will find liposuction buttock lift surgery most effective. The procedure works by simply suctioning out the fat, which reduces the weight of the buttocks and facilitates an extra lift due to skin and muscle elasticity.

The best liposuction procedure for buttock reduction is tumescent liposculpture. This procedure gives patients several advantages, including less appearance of scars due to the use of smaller incisions, little blood loss, less bruising, less risk of infection, a faster recovery period, and less risk of postoperative complications.

Tumescent liposuction also involves the use of microcannulas, which allows the surgeon to have more precise control over the cross suctioning of fat tissue. Using smaller cannulas to remove fat will produce smoother contouring of the buttocks. If surgeons’ use bigger cannulas, there will be bigger scars and a less attractive cosmetic result

The liposuction buttock lift procedure is best for patients whose buttocks contain a high proportion of fat and a lot of skin elasticity. The buttock lift can be combined with liposculpture to give the optimum cosmetic reshaping of the buttocks.

Patients whose buttocks have a high fat-content will have significantly enhanced body contouring from this procedure since as much as forty percent of fatty tissue can be removed from the buttocks.

Swelling occurs after this liposuction procedure, so the buttocks may appear larger for several weeks following surgery. Patients will not see a vast improvement for at least three months. Most folks are usually able to return to normal activity within six weeks of having this procedure performed.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, but the procedure may take several hours to perform. Liposuction buttock lift with implants may take significantly longer then a normal lipoplasty procedure.

Lipoplasty of the buttocks is usually done using local anesthesia, although general anesthesia can be used as well. Patients are allowed to return home the day of the procedure, and are able to walk within a week of the surgery. The recovery period for liposuction buttock lift surgery is painful and long, but the end result will be a more defined buttock.

Updated: May 5, 2016
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