Hip and Thigh Liposuction – Saddlebag Liposuction

Liposuction is currently the most common cosmetic surgery performed to remove excess fatty deposits. Several small incisions are made and then, a number of small tubes called cannula are inserted into the openings and the fat cells are extracted using a sucking technique. Many patients, especially women, go for saddlebag liposuction to get rid of the fat in their hips and thighs. This area is also sometimes referred to as riding breeches.

Hip and thigh fat is often stubborn to get rid of because it is abnormally resistant to diet and exercise, leading increasingly frustrated patients to turn to liposuction as a solution.

So-called saddlebags can make the lower body appear disproportionate, and too full. Patients often describe this area as bulgy and report difficulty in finding clothes that fit appropriately.

Benefits of Saddlebag Liposuction

Saddlebags are caused by excessive stored fat but because it serves no useful purpose in the human body, it can be completely removed, dramatically altering a patients waistline and appearance. After liposuction to the hip and thigh area, a patient will be smoother and have fewer bulges. Besides being cosmetically more appealing, saddlebag liposuction will help reduce the chafing and rubbing that is often common when the inner thighs have excessive fatty deposits.

In addition, liposuction for hips and thighs has minimal scarring. Large volumes of fat can be removed using only a few small incisions that will completely heal with time, leaving no permanent scars. If scars are slightly visible, they are usually in areas of the body that would make them less noticeable.

Goodbye Saddlebags: Liposuction by Dr. Jason Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute

Another enormous benefit of liposuction in saddle bag area is that it is almost always permanent. Fat does not grow back in the hip and thigh area. This means once the procedure is performed, it should be relatively easy for a patient to maintain their new shape. Maintenance will require healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Benefits of liposuction can be both physical and mental. After a successful hip and thigh liposuction procedure, most patients have reported having a surge of confidence. They can fit into their clothes much better and feel that their body displays hourglass qualities. They often become more social and display characteristics of better self-esteem. They will participate in activities they previously shied away from and will be interested in meeting new people, all because they feel better about themselves after the surgery.

Saddlebag Liposuction Results - How Long

Like most other liposuction surgeries, this one requires that patients wear a compression garment or bandage after the procedure. The compression garment should be worn for several weeks, but a patient should be able to return to work and begin normal daily activities after only a few days. Unfortunately, having liposuction in the saddlebag area does have a slightly longer recovery time than most other types of liposuction. This is because the high volume of a fat concentrated in the hip and thigh area requires more incisions than in other areas resulting in a longer recovery process.

Saddlebag liposuction is often paired with other procedures for even more dramatic results. For example, many patients also have liposuction on their buttocks to insure a more impressive outcome.

As with any cosmetic surgery, hip and thigh liposuction does have its risks and is not recommended for all patients. It is important to consult a board certified doctor when considering this procedure.

The Food and Drug Administration also recommends potential patients do plenty of research and ask many questions to guarantee they are aware of all aspects of the surgery. Also, be wary of advertisements that promise perfect results. There are no guarantees with saddlebag liposuction, so patients should set appropriate expectations.

Updated: May 5, 2016
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