Weight Loss Surgery Options

If you have been trying different diets, exercise programs, and natural or prescription medications with no success, you may be considering talking to your doctor about weight loss surgery options. There are a few procedures for you to choose from, and you will need to work with your physician in order to find the medical procedure that is best for your body type and existing health conditions.

Weight loss surgery options fall into two main categories –

  • Gastric Bypass
  • Lap Band Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery - Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass, or stomach stapling, is the process of closing off a large portion of the stomach, so that patients will only be able to eat a certain amount of food per day.

This surgery is not reversible, and it will take a lifetime of healthy habits to maintain the success of the surgery.

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Diagram - Image Credit US National Library of Medicine

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Diagram

Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

The Lap Band helps to curb the appetite as well, and reduces the patient's desire for an excessive amount of food. This procedure is reversible, which is why it is often recommended for women who are planning to become pregnant in the future.

Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery Diagram - Image Credit US National Library of Medicine

Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery Diagram

Weight Loss Surgery Requirements

If you are considering either of these weight loss surgery options, you will need to figure out whether or not you are a good candidate. If you are not prepared for the surgery right away, your doctor will be able to help you get your body ready for the procedure. You have to be one hundred percent above your recommended weight in order to be considered for the surgery, and if you are experiencing health problems such as sleep apnea or diabetes due to being overweight, your doctor will most likely offer weight loss surgery options for you.

Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition

Keep in mind that weight loss surgery is only a realistic way to lose weight if you have tried several times to lose weight by eliminating harmful fats and processed foods from your diet. Your nutritionist may have also put you on a strict diet regimen and give you behavior modification tips to use in order to achieve a healthy weight. If these have not worked after months or even years of trying, it may be time to seriously consider surgery.

Even when you are thinking of weight loss surgery options, you should still make sure that you are maintaining a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible.

Eating the right foods will still help to protect your internal organs and reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack, and exercising regularly will make your body more accustomed to working out, since you will need to do this after your weight loss surgery in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Updated: May 4, 2016
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