Lap Band Information

If you are thinking about getting weight loss surgery, chances are you have heard about the gastric lap band and the surgical procedure that is required to install the band in your body. Your doctor may have also told you about gastric bypass, and there is a considerable amount of research in medical journals and health-related books that will give you the insight you need to follow the right diet after your surgery. Here is some lap band information that will help you to decide if this surgery is for you, as well as some suggestions for staying healthy after the procedure.

Lap Band Information - Weight Loss Surgery

One of the first things potential patients want to know is how much weight they will lose if they decide to get lapband surgery. The operation has been a proven success for many folks that have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise alone with no significant results, but the surgery is not a miracle solution by any means.

Lap band surgery info in medical journals, as well as the pamphlets and reading materials that you will receive from the doctor's office, will tell you that the lap band is not a guarantee that you will reach a healthy weight.

LAP-BAND: Surgery Information

You will have to adopt a number of lifestyle changes after your surgery in order to keep the weight off. A customized diet and exercise plan that you create with your doctor is usually best.

In most cases, you will be able to lose about three pounds every week during the first year after the operation. For some folks, gastric bypass will provide quicker weight loss for patients, but some health professionals believe that the lap band may be healthier, since you will be losing weight at a more normal rate.

Gastric Lap Band Information for Women

You will also need to get a significant amount of lap band information if you are considering having the surgery before you get pregnant. If you know you want to have children in the future, it may be best to have the lap band procedure done, as opposed to getting gastric bypass surgery.

Lap band surgery is completely reversible and gastric bypass is not, so doctors recommend the lap band for women in most cases anyway. Moreover, pregnant women can have their stomach outlet size adjusted so that the baby is not malnourished.

Getting lap band surgery can also help to reduce the health problems you may have experienced because of obesity. Studies have shown that patients who select the lap band procedure are able to lower their blood pressure significantly. Moreover, since over seventy five percent of hypertension cases can be linked to obesity, you will be doing the best thing for your health by finding a consistent way to lose weight. This will help you to reduce your risk of strokes and heart attack as well.

Updated: May 5, 2016
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