Risks and Health Effects of Bulimia Nervosa

The health effects of Bulimia Nervosa manifest themselves in a number of different ways but ultimately, it is both a mental illness and an eating disorder that is common in teenages as well as in adults. If you have bulimia nervosa, it is important to understand not only how to identify it, but also the important steps that you can take in order to become healthy. By eliminating this eating disorder, you will have more energy, and will be able to function at a higher level in your every day life.

Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder that is defined by over eating and then purging the food back out of the system. This is usually done by vomiting, taking a laxative or water pill. The main reason why people become bulimic is because of problems with weight and self identity. They will then become overly critical of weight as well as body shape and type. This is often reinforced by the thin image that is accepted as healthy by society.

The Truth About Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa can cause several physical problems. The first thing that happens is the body tries to balance out in other ways. If you are vomiting or getting rid of the food through pills, it will cause acid to continuously be moving through your body, which is not naturally there. This can cause the outer layers of your teeth to wear down and become permanently damaged. It will also cause your throat to become damaged by inflaming the esophagus. The glands near the cheeks may also become swollen from the excess acid moving through your system.

More internal problems may also occur as a result from Bulimia Nervosa. Damage to your stomach will often occur. This damage may never be solved, depending on how long you are bulimic for. This problem is furthered by your digestive system not being able to function properly when you become bulimic and also after you have started to become healthier. This problem eventually moves upwards into the heart. Several who are bulimic may experience heart failure, which can eventually lead to death. This is a result of the chemical imbalances that occur from the lack of food and minerals being lost from the body.

Another result that often occurs from Bulimia Nervosa is ulcers and inflammation of the pancreas. This is a result from the pancreas not being able to digest properly. If it remains inactive or is confused from the vomiting and pills, then it will respond by inflaming and causing ulcers. After you begin to get healthy, it will take a while for the pancreas to respond and function at a normal level again.

If you are recognizing that you have a bulimic eating disorder, it is best to get it solved right away. Bulimia Nervosa and obsession over your weight and body type can become addictive. As time goes on, it is harder to stop the problem and becomes more difficult for your body to begin functioning at a normal level again.

If you have been binge eating and purging your food for more than three months, than you are considered bulimic. This, as well as an obsession with your body weight and type will add onto the Bulimia Nervosa. If you have been involved in these behaviors then it is best to get help now.

Consult with your doctor and tell him or her of your problem. They can help you in recovering and changing these habits. The first thing that will need to happen is a change in your way of thinking towards eating as well as the habits that have begun as a result from Bulimia Nervosa. If the problem has become out of control, doctors will usually check you into a hospital until your body becomes more able to function at a healthy level. They will most likely monitor your behaviors as well as your eating habits.

The next step is to make sure that you remain healthy. A better diet will help you in fighting this disorder. Behavioral therapy is one option to take part in. You can also get on medication to allow you to begin a better eating lifestyle. Fighting off the mental affects that Bulimia Nervosa has, including the addictive behaviors and the habit of not keeping food down will be continuous battles after you begin to get healthy with Bulimia Nervosa.

The effects of bulimia nervosa are not only detrimental to you physically, but also mentally. If you are bulimic, it is best to begin getting help now. The physical damage, as well as the mental problems that may result from Bulimia Nervosa are reasons why you should not become bulimic or learn to fight off the disorder.