Causes of Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa

Eating disorder anorexia nervosa is where one literally starves themselves to death. If treatment is not sought, then death will follow suit. However, if a person does a little research, then they will come to understand that certain people are more at risk than others because of poor habits they have followed over the years. Knowledge is the best defense when it comes to recognizing the symptoms of anorexia nervosa and one can find a ton of information on the internet.

One of the first groups of people that are at high risk for developing anorexia nervosa are those who are consistently dieting. If they begin dieting, then people will more than likely notice and comment on how good they look. This can be a double edge sword for most. If their weight loss results are not meeting their expectations quickly enough, then they may begin to take their dieting regime to a whole new, unhealthy level.

Health anxiety may never be an issue if one continues to lose weight quickly. However, if weight is lost too fast then a person can begin to develop physical problems that can outweigh their original obesity issue. Dieting is fine as long as one does it in the healthy way and does not lose too much weight at once.

Anorexia's Childhood Roots (CBS News)

Other groups of people that are at high risk for developing anorexia nervosa are athletes. Excessive exercising can lead to one starving him or herself. Top women athletes have been known to have their menstrual cycles stopped because of the loss of too much body fat. Other people who can develop anorexia nervosa and bulimia are adolescents. This is such a turbulent time in a young person’s life and peer pressure or trying to gain acceptance at school can lead to eating disorders.

Anorexia nervosa can consume one’s life if they allow it to happen. However, for those at a higher risk of developing anorexia, they should do all in their power to understand what this disorder actually is and how they can seek treatment if needed. Knowledge is the key to overcoming this sickness and if one understands this, then they are halfway to the point of lowering their risk for developing this disorder.