Buttocks Implants with Liposuction

If you have ever thought that the shape of your buttocks were too flat or not as round or sensuous as you would like, then you might like to consider having buttocks implants. Also known as gluteal implants, gluteal augmentation or buttock lift surgery, this procedure involves the insertion of silicone buttocks implants in order to improve the size and shape of the buttocks. Liposuction may also be used to remove any excess fat.

The rise in the number of woman going in for this type of plastic surgery has been attributed, in part, to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and singer Beyonce Knowles whose shapely figures are what many women aspire to. Not only that, but buttocks implants with liposuction can plump up an underdeveloped backside and give a woman a much more proportional looking figure.

Buttocks Implants Plastic Surgeon

At your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, various things will be discussed including why you want to change the appearance of your buttocks and what you hope to achieve by having a butt implant.

To give the doctor a better idea of what you want, take some photos with you of buttock sizes you personally like the look of for your own. The plastic surgeon will be able to inform you of what size buttocks implants will be required to reshape your backside.

They will also discuss options for the surgery with you at that time. Some of the items that are necessary for you to know include the type of incision that will be made, the types of butt augmentation implants that will be used, as well as the exact positioning of the implant.

How are Buttocks Implants Done

Buttock implant surgery normally takes two to three hours and depends on a variety of factors including the surgical technique used by the surgeon, the anatomy of the patient, the positioning of the implants and the type of anesthesia used.

Generally, for this type of surgery, a general anesthesia is used. However, some surgeons prefer to use local anesthetic buttock injections accompanied by a sedative to allow the patient to be both relaxed and drowsy.

The incision for buttock augmentation can be made either down the crease of the buttocks or where the cheek of the butt meets the back of the thigh. The majority of the time the incision is made in the crease to hide any scars. However, there are risks to this type of incision in that infections are more likely to occur here than if the cut is made in the back of the thigh.

The surgeon needs to create a pocket that is big enough to allow for the insertion of the implants, which can be inserted either on top of the gluteus maximus muscle or beneath it. In some cases liposuction is also performed at the same time to remove excess fat, thus making for even better looking buttocks.

After finishing one side the surgeon then does the same to the other, making sure that both sides of the buttocks are natural looking as well as symmetrical. Finally, to conclude the operation he/she stitches up the incisions.

Buttocks Implants Risk

Unfortunately, butt augmentation carries with it the risk of a lot of post surgery pain since it stretches and pulls the tissues. The stretching is worse if the buttocks implants are placed beneath the gluteus maximus muscle. The first forty-eight hours following surgery can be the most painful period. Taking a pain medication will help to relieve the discomfort and the doctor may prescribe both an antibiotic as well as an anti-inflammatory medication.

You will likely feel sore, stiff and very tired after the operation although these symptoms are quite normal. You will need to wear a support compression garment for a few days following buttocks implants surgery.

Updated: May 3, 2016
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