How to Find a Colic Formula that Works

After months of trying to figure out how to get your infant to stop crying when there seems to be nothing wrong, you are definitely in need of a colic formula that really works. But, in order to find that, you will need to know if your baby has any food intolerance that is causing the crying, discomfort, and sleeplessness. Here are some formula solutions that you may want to try.

Colic Formula or Breastmilk

One of the first colic formula solutions that you may want to try is breast feeding. This is often recommended over formula, although some mothers can not breast feed for health reasons.

If you are choosing to give your baby formula and are able to breast feed, try switching and see if your infant’s symptoms are reduced.

It is also a good idea to stay away from spicy foods, dairy, or raw vegetables if you are breast feeding and your baby is colicky. These foods have been known to cause more discomfort to babies when transferred through breast milk.

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Dairy Free Soy Free Colic Formula

If you are currently feeding your baby formula, the milk or soy in the product may be causing your baby discomfort, this is also a sign that your child will be lactose intolerant or have a soy allergy later in life.

Try formulas that are completely dairy free, such as Carnation Good Start, and if you need to feed your baby a colic formula that is free of soy as well, Nutramigen may be the answer. It is specially formulated for infants that has a sensitive digestive system, and may help your baby’s frequent crying and fussiness to decrease.

Your doctor may give you a colic formula that can be taken in drops for your baby, and the substance is similar to Maalox or a gentle laxative that treats gas.

You can take your little one in for a prescription and see if the medicine works, along with breast feeding.

There are also natural remedies that you may want to try.

A tea made from fennel seeds mixed in with your baby’s formula, wild yam supplements, or catnip which have all been known to soothe the stomach, while chamomile helps to promote sound sleep, since most babies are very restless when they are colicky.

In order to find the right colic formula for your baby, you may have to try a combination of all these methods until you find the solution that works specifically for your infant.

You should start to see results in about a week or so with effective treatment in some cases, and generally, colic ends at about five months, so you can be comforted in knowing your baby’s fussiness will not last forever.