Talking to Children about Stranger Danger

The first lesson parents would want to give their child is how to be careful in case they encounter a stranger. They tell their children stories of how strangers kidnap children or give them dangerous stuff, as well as advise them to be cautious in such situations. Although these stories are healthy to some extent, sometimes they can have a negative impact on a child’s mind.

Symptoms Of Common Colds In Children

The common cold is the number one cause for children missing school and having to see the doctor. Symptoms of common colds in children include snuffles, sneezes, sore throat, and coughing and are something that our kids will get, no matter what. On average, colds in children happen around eight times a year although this figure will rise if they have a weaker immune system.

Tips on Step Parenting Children

It is not easy being a stepparent, especially if the children are already in their teen years. Usually, a step-mom who has to stay at home most of the time with the step-children complains about the children’s obstinacy and lack of responsibility. Similarly, children are also dissatisfied with the workings of their new mom or simply refuse to be reasonable with her.

Role of Grandparents in the Upbringing of Children

In some cases, children have to be brought up in a joint family system. In such a system, grandparents also live with their children and then interfere with matters relating to their grandchildren. Parents often feel frustrated and very helpless because on one hand, they cannot say no to their own parents, and on the other hand, they want to control and discipline their children without having someone always coming to their rescue.

What Is Failure to Thrive Syndrome in Children

The ability of a child to grow normally is sometimes taken for granted by several uninformed parents. As a result, some children develop a condition commonly referred to as failure to thrive syndrome (FTT). This is a serious condition that causes children to have an unhealthily low growth and development rate. This can be avoided with routine trips to you pediatrician. This will ensure a consistent monitoring of your child’s pattern of development and it can give you an idea if your child is showing symptoms of FTT. Your pediatrician will be able to tell you what steps can be taken to improve you child’s development rate.

Effective Parent Child Communication Tips

The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized in a parent child relationship. In order to develop a strong bond with your child, you need to involve him or her in healthy conversations and listen to their problems with interest. This simple communication plays a vital role in developing your child’s mind and improving their confidence level.

Health Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce causes disturbance, confusion and a feeling of uncertainty in the life of two people who decide to take the big step. But this decision comes as even more shocking and distressing for the children who have no idea what their life is going to be like after their parents’ marriage is over.

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