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Active Listening Skills between Parent and Child

Listening is an important part of good communication and it becomes more significant when the communication is between a parent and a child. Active listening when your child is speaking means paying attention to every word, that he or she utters. It also means making an inference about what is being said.

Child Adoption Challenges Faced by Parents

Studies show that every one child in a hundred is adopted in the United States. When parents decide to adopt a child, they have to face many psychological and physical challenges. However, at the same time, adoption can bring long-term satisfaction, joy and accomplishment of dreams.

Dealing with Grief in Children

Parents try their best to keep their children away from grief. A moment’s grief in a child’s life can have long-term negative effects on their health and well-being. Death of a grandparent, loss of a treasured pet or even breaking of a toy leaves many unanswered questions in a child’s mind.

Effective Child Discipline Tips

Discipline does not always mean punishing or scolding your children for their bad behavior. However, it does involve telling your children what is right and what is wrong in an acceptable way. You do not necessarily have to act cold, distant and stern. Instead, try to adopt a methodology that is guaranteed to bring positive results even without expending too much energy or effort.

Effective Parent Child Communication Tips

The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized in a parent child relationship. In order to develop a strong bond with your child, you need to involve him or her in healthy conversations and listen to their problems with interest. This simple communication plays a vital role in developing your child’s mind and improving their confidence level.

Effects of Single Parenthood on Children

Single parenthood is often frightening and presents a lot of uncertainties and challenges for the parent. The responsibility of raising children is an enormous one, and when there is no one to help you out on this front, it looks even more daunting. However, if handled with patience and determination, even single parenthood can bring many positive results.

Fathers Role in Parenting Children

In the last hundred years, like many other advancements and change in conservative thinking of folks, the role of a father in parenting has also changed tremendously. Now he is not a "wise breadwinner" but equally responsible for building his children’s mind and providing them with a sense of security and stability.

Health Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce causes disturbance, confusion and a feeling of uncertainty in the life of two people who decide to take the big step. But this decision comes as even more shocking and distressing for the children who have no idea what their life is going to be like after their parents’ marriage is over.

How to Deal with Child Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is unavoidable like many other things in a family setup. This kind of a conflict is actually healthy for the development of your children and most of the time they should be left alone to deal with each other.

Parent and Child Relationships

There are risks associated with dating and marriage. Besides the obvious broken heart, there are also financial and family risks. Nothing has quite the same impact on a family or children as divorce or a break-up.

Preparing your Child for Beginning School

Newer challenges and problems arise when children reach the age of beginning school. Even if they have been attending pre-school before, starting public school education brings a lot of uncertainties and doubts for parents. The whole routine needs to be changed and many parents find themselves thinking of alternatives to public schooling in order to provide quality education to their children or avoid this new change altogether.

Role of Grandparents in the Upbringing of Children

In some cases, children have to be brought up in a joint family system. In such a system, grandparents also live with their children and then interfere with matters relating to their grandchildren. Parents often feel frustrated and very helpless because on one hand, they cannot say no to their own parents, and on the other hand, they want to control and discipline their children without having someone always coming to their rescue.

Talking to Children about Stranger Danger

The first lesson parents would want to give their child is how to be careful in case they encounter a stranger. They tell their children stories of how strangers kidnap children or give them dangerous stuff, as well as advise them to be cautious in such situations. Although these stories are healthy to some extent, sometimes they can have a negative impact on a child’s mind.

The Role of Objectivity in Punishment for Children

When children do something wrong or exhibit a bad behavior, they have to be punished. However, punishment does not necessarily have to be physical. Most parents think of punishment as being unhealthy for children, and therefore rule out the possibility of teaching their children a lesson by using this method.

Tips on Step Parenting Children

It is not easy being a stepparent, especially if the children are already in their teen years. Usually, a step-mom who has to stay at home most of the time with the step-children complains about the children’s obstinacy and lack of responsibility. Similarly, children are also dissatisfied with the workings of their new mom or simply refuse to be reasonable with her.

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