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How to Treat Infant Colic

Colic, in general, refers to a type of pain that is sharp and spasmodic. Infant colic, more specifically, is a result of the baby’s digestive system maturing. Doctors are not sure exactly what causes colic, since it varies from baby to baby. There are certain recommendations on how to treat infant colic, depending on the signs of colic your baby exhibits. They can range anywhere from shrill shrieking for more than three hours, three days and three weeks per month, all the way to being unable to burp, resisting feeding and showing hypersensitivity to lights and sounds.

Painful Gas and Colic in Infants

The birth of a little one is a wonderful event that many mothers to be prepare for years in advance. They study all the baby books possible, carefully monitor their pregnancy, watch their blood pressure and do not eat raw fish. They keep away from coffee and caffeine and always wear their seat belt in the proper way. The nursery is completely decorated and stocked with everything imaginable. Diapers, wipes, ointments, bottles and medicines are lined up on all the shelves just waiting for the baby to come home from the hospital.

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