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In Home Child Care vs. Daycare

If you have children who are in need of daycare, then you are undoubtedly privy to the great debate that centers on in home child care vs. daycare. Both have their merits, but it appears that there are lines drawn between the supporters of each, that are very hard to overcome. There are a number of reasons why either setting would work just fine, but to take a more objective look at the facility; here are some questions you need to ask:

Potty Training Tips for a Child in Daycare

Over sixty percent of children, who range in age from newborns to six year olds, attend a day care on a regular basis. For this reason, when potty training time rolls around, it is important that parents work with the staff at the daycare to make sure the process will go along as smoothly as possible. Proper guidance, support and encouragement from parents and daycare staff can make a tremendous difference in how fluid the adjustment is from wearing diapers to being a big kid who is completely potty trained.

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