Cellulite Body Wraps – Do They Work

Although cellulite body wraps were only initially used in spas, as a tool for tightening and firming the skin, their use has become increasingly widespread with body wrapping transforming into an all over body treatment for fat shrinking and cellulite blasting. Virtually every spa and beauty treatment salon offers some form of body wrapping that is used for several different purposes, such as to treat cellulite, eliminate toxins and to slim the body.

How do Cellulite Body Wraps Work

A body wrap is nature's alternative to cosmetic surgery, which can also be a treatment for cellulite and overall body health. The wrapping technique can slim and firm the human body in less than an hour, while reducing excess fluids and eliminating toxins at the same time.

An anti-cellulite body wrap consists of elastic cloths or seaweed fabric, which have been soaked in various minerals and treatments. These cloths are tucked securely around the body and heated in order to create a thermal blanket effect, which in turn eliminates excess fluids through sweating.

Following the wrap treatment, bodies are slimmer, firmer, and the appearance of cellulite and other unsightly skin marks are greatly reduced.

How to Do a Body Wrap : Body Wraps for the Stomach

Some other treatments that might be included in your body wrap package are -

  • Exfoliation scrubs
  • Mud masques or other skin treatments
  • Massage oils
  • Anti-stress and other calming oils and treatments

Cellulite gel is sometimes added to the body during a wrap treatment as well.

At Home Herbal Cellulite Body Wraps Kit

At Home Herbal Cellulite Body Wraps Kit

Anti Cellulite Body Wraps and Weight Loss

There are several additional health benefits to anti cellulite body wraps, one of which is weight loss. Other benefits include detoxification of the skin, softening the skin, reducing wrinkles and controlling cellulite. Body wrapping can even help reduce stress in some folks.

The only issue that may come up with cellulite body wraps is the expense, as the treatments can range from one hundred to well over three hundred dollars. Nevertheless, you should weigh the cost of the treatment against the health benefits. Alternatively, you may like to consider some of the "at home" treatments that are available.

Do Body Wraps Help Cellulite

Body wrapping has become one of the most popular beauty treatments in advanced skincare. Cellulite body wraps are a highly successful method for treating weight issues, cellulite, and other skin problems, as well as improving both mind and body through the elimination of skin toxins and skin firming.

Sometimes, the results from body wrapping is temporary, because water weight reappears over time. Nonetheless, this does not make the treatment a waste of money since cellulite body wraps are a very effective tool to fight cellulite and other skin and weight problems

Updated: May 2, 2016
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