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Home Child Care | How to Teach From Home

If you would prefer that your children get the best education without having to be away from you for long periods each day, home child care may just be the option you are looking for. You can choose to teach your children at home, or you can place them in a caring environment where they are learning in the home of someone you trust. Read on to discover some of the benefits of home child care, as well as some tips on how to teach from home

Effects of Single Parenthood on Children

Single parenthood is often frightening and presents a lot of uncertainties and challenges for the parent. The responsibility of raising children is an enormous one, and when there is no one to help you out on this front, it looks even more daunting. However, if handled with patience and determination, even single parenthood can bring many positive results

Effective Child Discipline Tips

Discipline does not always mean punishing or scolding your children for their bad behavior. However, it does involve telling your children what is right and what is wrong in an acceptable way. You do not necessarily have to act cold, distant and stern. Instead, try to adopt a methodology that is guaranteed to bring positive results even without expending too much energy or effort

The Role of Objectivity in Punishment for Children

When children do something wrong or exhibit a bad behavior, they have to be punished. However, punishment does not necessarily have to be physical. Most parents think of punishment as being unhealthy for children, and therefore rule out the possibility of teaching their children a lesson by using this method

How to Treat Migraine Headaches in Children

If your youngster has either frequent or severe, headaches, that is cause enough to take him or her to a doctor. Recurring headaches can be a sign of something very serious in children. When you visit the doctor, go prepared by knowing your family’s medical history and give all the details concerning the headache

Parent and Child Relationships

There are risks associated with dating and marriage. Besides the obvious broken heart, there are also financial and family risks. Nothing has quite the same impact on a family or children as divorce or a break-up

Dealing with Bedwetting – Nocturnal Enuresis in Children

Nocturnal enuresis, the medical term for bedwetting, is a common and frustrating problem that affects between five and seven million American children. Nocturnal enuresis most commonly affects children younger than three years of age, although it can affect older children and adults. About 15% of children aged three to five and about 1% of school age children struggle with the problem although percentage of people affected decreases as their age increases. When helping a child work through his or her bed wetting issues, it is useful to understand the causes, physiology, and possible treatments for the condition

Dealing with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The importance of birth control and planned pregnancies cannot be overstated. Each year, as many as forty thousand babies are subjected to alcohol content in the first trimester of their development and as a result, emerge from the womb already at a disadvantage; with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome