Botox Effects to be Aware of – Botox Injection Side Effects

Although you know the positive results that botox has presented for thousands of women, there are several botox effects that you should be aware of before you schedule a treatment. Here are some of the things you should know about, even though side effects are minimal, before you make your first appointment.

Botox Effects on the Face

One of the most common botox after effects is facial swelling. This is due to the nature of the procedure, since the chemicals that are released into the skin serve to paralyze the muscles in different parts of the face. As soon as you are injected, your face may swell, but if you notice that you still feel puffiness or redness a few days after the treatment, you should visit your dermatologist again in order to find a remedy for the allergic reaction.

Botox Side Effects -Everything You Need To Know

Rashes are another one of the botox injection side effects that some patients experience. Consequently, if you find that you have small blotches or rashes on your face after treatment, you may need to treat them with a form of hydro-cortisone cream or aloe vera in order to sooth the skin.

Aside from the side effect of botox injections that occur from time to time, there are a number of great benefits to having botox treatments. One of the most convenient reasons that women receive botox is that they can go right back to work after the treatment, and no down time is required. Moreover, you can start to see a real improvement in your skin in a few days.

Botox Effects Injection

Botox Effects Injection

In order to make sure that you can maximize all the positive botox effects that you want, you should also make sure that you avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages immediately before or after your treatment. Alcohol dries out the skin and makes it more difficult for the chemicals in botox to work properly. Furthermore, it is not a good idea to lie down or sleep, immediately after your treatment. Try to stay upright as much as you can, so that your face will start to shape itself correctly after the injection.

Botox Effects Cost

Now that you know more about the botox effects that may be part of the skin treatment method, you should also talk to your dermatologist about the cost of the treatment. If you are using botox in order to treat neck spasms, or to correct eye problems like crossed eyes or lazy eyes, your insurance company may cover the cost of your treatment.

However, if you are only using botox in order to get rid of or prevent wrinkles, the procedure is considered cosmetic, and you will have to cover the bill yourself for the most part. However, there are a number of payment plans that are available, so be sure to ask your doctor for more details.

Updated: May 3, 2016
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