Preparing your Child for Beginning School

Newer challenges and problems arise when children reach the age of beginning school. Even if they have been attending pre-school before, starting public school education brings a lot of uncertainties and doubts for parents. The whole routine needs to be changed and many parents find themselves thinking of alternatives to public schooling in order to provide quality education to their children or avoid this new change altogether.

Deciding whether to admit a child to public or private school is just one of the many problems parents have to solve when schooling begins. Social pressure, financial issues and family problems make it even more difficult to cope with the whole situation.

Some children are just not made for public schools. In the first place, they do not like leaving the house for many hours, and if the parents do manage to get them out, they come back crying or whining about one thing or the other. This adds to the frustration of already tensed parents.

Starting School | 10 Top Tips to Prepare Your Child

If parents were prepared to face these inevitable challenges of beginning school, problems like the ones mentioned above would be easier to solve. There is always resistance to change. Our mind takes time to accept it. Similarly, children take time to be settled down in a new kind of environment and new routine. Give them a chance to experience the pros and cons of going to school and then see if some positive change occurs. Never lose hope and always try your best to solve an issue.

Also, tell your child that education is not only compulsory, but it also brings a lot of happiness later on in life. Prepare your child to face the ups and downs by telling her stories of other children or your own childhood if you had had a chance of attending a public school. Assure your child that things will get better once she settles down with the routine and that all of you will have lots of fun during the weekends.

You may also want to prepare your child for school by giving her small, easy-to-do assignments at home before school begins. If your child is used to the system of getting homework daily, she will not find it very difficult to adjust. Similarly, when school begins, sit with your child in the evenings and help her complete homework and other tasks assigned by the teacher. Ask your child how her day was and if she has made any new friends. Do not forget to attend the parent-teacher meetings held at the school and be informed of your child’s progress.

Every human being should be able to face problems first and then do something to solve them. If you always try avoiding difficult situations, you will never learn anything in life and never be able to progress and compete with other people. Therefore, accept these challenges with an open mind and come up with feasible solutions acceptable to both you and your children.