Parent and Child Relationships

There are risks associated with dating and marriage. Besides the obvious broken heart, there are also financial and family risks. Nothing has quite the same impact on a family or children as divorce or a break-up.

A happy marriage is something most parents aspire to as well as wanting their children to see healthy relationships thriving. Parents want what is best for their children. However, two adults being there for them without conflict or strife is not always possible. Relationships can go sour, and it affects the whole family and not just the two adults involved.

8 Ways to Improve Parent Child Relationship

Child relationships can bear the most stress when one parent has to move out and they are not an everyday fixture in the kid’s lives. The child relationships can deteriorate very quickly if the split is bitter and custody issues ensue. It is why many parents seek marriage counseling in order to try to save their relationship.

Marriage and family therapy works for not only the parent-parent relationship but also those of child relationships to both parents. The therapist works to find resolution for the problems and to show the children that conflicts can be resolved peacefully. If the issues are too great, then sometimes separation is the best choice.

When a couple decides to separate, the child relationships come into play. Both parents need to spend time with their children but if they cannot get along with each other, then sometimes it is best to employ the use of a mediator or a counselor. An impartial party can act as a go between and help smooth over visitations and child support payments.

It is important for each parent to understand that a child needs support both mentally and physically. To that end many judges, when ruling a divorce decree and child custody case, instruct both parties to not participate in name calling, slander or anything that might harm the image of either parent in the child’s eyes.

Broken marriages are not the only thing that can make child relationships with the rest of the world difficult. Even dating can become an issue if the child grows accustomed to a person being part of their lives. Dating can be even more traumatic for a child because there is usually a cessation of contact for the non-parental party. A child may not understand why they cannot see him or her and might not understand why the parent broke up with the boyfriend or girlfriend.

Relationships are trying at times for the best of people. With the addition of children to the equation, it can be even more difficult. Parents who date have to worry about acceptance of their children and for their children to accept the new addition to mom or dad’s life. Parents involved in a divorce have to worry over how their children will adjust and what lasting effects it can have. Love is not guaranteed to be easy.