Child Adoption Challenges Faced by Parents

Studies show that every one child in a hundred is adopted in the United States. When parents decide to adopt a child, they have to face many psychological and physical challenges. However, at the same time, adoption can bring long-term satisfaction, joy and accomplishment of dreams.

Today, the conservative thinking of folks has changed and they now consider adoption a brave step, which not only brings happiness to parents but also to the child who is being adopted. Still many folks are of the opinion that adoption brings many challenges to parents.

Sometimes, parents are not able to comprehend their adopted child’s mind. The situation keeps on worsening and a time comes when they have to see a psychiatrist to solve their problems. Some parents even regret their decision to adopt later on when the child grows up and chooses a life of his own. These instances are very rare, and therefore should not worry those who want to take the big step.

What adopted children think you should know

Risks are involved in every new decision we make about our life. Adoption is no different. What parents need to do is analyze their situation carefully before deciding to adopt a child and be prepared to face the consequences.

Everyday issues are more difficult to resolve in case of an adopted child, especially if the child knows that he or she is adopted. Even if you try to be reasonable with the child, he will think you are being harsh. Adopted children feel insecure and start losing interest in life. If not handled properly, this situation can lead to even worse and more complicated problems.

You will have to be extremely strong and determined if you have decided to undertake this huge responsibility. If you know the nature of problems likely to occur after few years from the day of adoption, you would be able to handle them pretty well. Therefore, plan and do not rule out the possibility of something going wrong along the way.

One of the most commonly seen challenges occurs when parents have to deal with their child’s heredity problems or medical conditions inherited from biological parents. They also have to deal with certain treatments available only to those patients whose heredity information is available. This problem can be overcome by looking for hospitals that do not require such information in order to diagnose or treat a disease.

Parenting is not an easy task even in the case of biological children. Nevertheless, you need to be extra careful and extra sympathetic and forgiving when it comes to adopted children. Try to develop a strong parent-child relationship by actively listening to your child’s problems and giving him all the love, you have in your heart. Make your adopted child feel like he or she is being accepted with open arms in the family just as other children are.

Everyone needs a family to love and be loved in return. Do not let your adopted child know that he is different from your biological children. If possible, give your adopted child extra attention so that he does not feel left out. Similarly, deal with other problems with an open heart and do not let hurdles come in the way of your love and patience.

Some folks find even more happiness around folks who are not in any way biologically related to them. On the other hand, some folks find it difficult to get along with folks who are their close relatives. Therefore, the bottom line is: it all depends on you — how you perceive the situation and how effectively you are able to solve problems and face the challenges of adoption.