Smoothie King X-Treme Energy Smoothies With High Potency Vitamins and Minerals

Smoothie King, the originator of the nutritional, fruit-based smoothie, unleashed a line of X-Treme Energy Smoothies today, providing the great taste and nutritional benefits guests have come to expect, but with an added boost of caffeine.

The reformulated Pep Upper and Instant Vigor smoothies feature an ingredient called X-Treme Caffeine. The X-Treme Caffeine helps provide quick energy, mental clarity and a sustained energy boost, with 199 mg of caffeine (equal to about two cups of coffee).

The demand for energy drinks has risen, and Steve Kuhnau, Co-founder of Smoothie King and President/CEO, said guests have been asking for this type of drink to supplement their busy lives.

Not only will the X-Treme Energy Smoothies provide added energy to jump- start the day or support a tough workout,” Kuhnau said. “But as compared to energy drinks currently available on the market, our smoothies will provide unmatched taste and flavor, along with the added nutritional benefits of freshly blended fruit.

The Pep Upper features a blend of strawberries, passion fruit, papaya, vanilla protein blend and the X-Treme Caffeine. Instant Vigor provides a blend of strawberries, pineapple, lemon, vanilla protein blend and the X-Treme Caffeine.

In addition to the new fresh-blended and energizing smoothies, Smoothie King offers the new Smoothie King Energy Green Vitamin. The new all-natural supplement with Super Green Energizers contains high-potency doses of vitamins and minerals to assist with maximum antioxidant protection and energy production, with no artificial colors, flavors, binders, fillers or synthetic vitamins.

The products are available at all Smoothie King locations. For more information or find a location near to you visit Smoothie King