How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

It is a fact that exercising throughout your term of pregnancy is very beneficial to your health. However, exercising during pregnancy must be done correctly and with proper caution. You can see vast improvements in sleep, flexibility, muscle tone and strength in the pelvis by doing the proper mild exercise at levels you can handle. This type of exercise also improves the circulatory system and helps to ease the pain of backaches as it helps you sleep.

You will have fewer backaches and better posture when you mildly exercise to strengthen your buttocks, back and thighs. Mild exercises also release endorphins, thus improving your mood. Perform daily stretches to help the synovial fluid in keeping your joints well-lubricated. If you often find yourself anxious, try doing a moderate workout; it will burn up that anxious energy and make your sleep more restful.

Swimming, spinning and pelvic strengthening are the three exercises most appropriate and beneficial to expectant mothers.

Swimming is one great exercise activity for easing the strain on the back and legs during the late stages of pregnancy. Most women would welcome a temporary relief from this strain. With swimming, your knees are given relief from the strain of the additional weight you are carrying plus it is a low-impact exercise. You can also do breathing exercises while wading in between laps. Swimming is also a great cardiovascular exercise. An active cardiovascular system helps in the regulation of the endocrine system and in maintaining flexible joints and full muscle tissues.

Pregnancy Tips : How to Exercise During Pregnancy

Prior to the last two months of the pregnancy term, spinning, if done lightly, can be a very beneficial exercise. You can get an excellent workout in the leg and pelvic areas and the same same cardiovascular benefits as swimming. Spinning helps keep your legs in shape, particularly the leg muscle groups that are needed during delivery. Spinning for about 10 minutes on a stationary bike is an adequate exercise for pregnant women. However, you should stop as soon as you experience dizziness, fluid loss, extreme pain or bleeding

Developing muscles that assist in the birthing process is accomplished by the highly-recommended Kegals exercises. You can identify the muscles you want to squeeze and relax by pretending to halt urination midway through elimination. Once located, do this cycle of squeeze/relax for a few seconds. Don’t tighten your stomach or legs during the routine because you want to be aware of the right muscles to focus on. Maintain normal breathing — in and out slowly — throughout the routine.

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program during pregnancy. Be sure to get all of your questions answered no matter how busy your physician is because you want to do it right to stay fit safely.

If you feel that any of your exercise activities is causing heart palpitations, a light headache or back pain, you need to stop right away. Do not focus on losing weight but rather on how to stay fit during pregnancy in order to preserve a healthy mind and body.