Belly Dancing Workout for Fitness and Health

The belly dancing workout began life as a fertility ritual that came out of the Middle East. Today thanks to modern culture and celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who wear skin baring costumes, coin belts and move and gyrate their bodies in a sensuous manner, belly dancing is becoming not just an ancient art form but also a fun way to exercise and keep in shape.

One of the best things about a belly dancing workout is that it can be done by both men and women (although it is still very much the domain of women), and it can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels.

Furthermore, it does not matter whether you are tall or short, thin, average weight or in need or losing a few pounds. Even those who have suffered a variety of injuries in the past can still enjoy the benefits of a belly dancing workout. It is never too early or too late to be able to shimmy and move about on the dance floor or gym in fine belly dancing style!

Belly Dancing Workout Benefits

Belly dancing is considered to be a new form of Pilates. Not only is belly dancing a form of dance but it is also a form of an aerobic workout as well as an excellent way to improve the workings of the cardiovascular system.

Belly Dance Workout by Mihaela Coman

Sensuous types of body movements that cause a torso to be undulating and to make curving motions as well as shaking, quaking and swaying hips characterize belly dancing. There are also other types of sensuous movements such as thrusting types of motions as well as hands and legs moving in unison and arms and hands that are in perfect synchronicity.

The stomach and the abdominal area in general is the part of the body that is emphasized in belly dancing and it is important to be aware that belly it is a type of dance where the body is in constant motion.

Belly dancing traditionally was a universal celebration for women of femininity and the whole experience of being a woman. It is a way that women could bond together. Belly dancing involves colorful costumes and jewelry that is very decorative. Jewelery is commonly worn in the breast area as well as the hips. Most belly dancers where a hip-belt set that includes a type of bra and skirt while others opt for a special gown that includes a hip-belt or a hip-scarf.

Health Benefits of a Belly Dancing Workout

Belly dancing allows an individual to forge a powerful connection to their own body and it encourages greater levels of strength and grace as well as endurance. A belly dancing workout is particularly good to improve the strength of the lower body and legs and it is an excellent way to lose weight.

It is common for chiropractors to recommend a belly dancing workout to their patients who suffer from aches and pains that are recurrent as this form of dance is physically very therapeutic and it is also an excellent way to relieve tension from the body and mind.

Firmer leg muscles, a smoother abdomen as well as a more positive self-image are all advantages of a belly dancing workout which is making its way into the mainstream of society more every day.