What Causes Heartburn Acid Reflux

Heartburn acid reflux is an ailment that impacts numerous folks on a regular basis. These folks live with the continuous round of medications along with that burning, heavy sensation in the throat and chest that can make anyone feel less than their best. The vast majority of those sufferers have little idea what causes heartburn or acid reflux or even if they have it at all. The fact is that many suffer for years, believing they simply have indigestion.

Heartburn Acid Reflux – What is the Difference

While acid reflux and heartburn are basically the same thing, there is a difference in how frequently an attack occurs. Both of them are caused by liquid from the stomach making its way up into the esophagus.

Heartburn is typically treated with over the counter medications, such as antacids, due to its infrequency. For the most part, folks usually know which foods are likely to cause them heartburn.

Acid reflux however usually requires the care of a doctor since it can potentially cause lasting damage to the esophagus as well as being a symptom of a bigger problem.

What causes heartburn?

Who Gets Heartburn Acid Reflux

Heartburn acid reflux disease can affect anybody at any age and is not choosy about race or religious viewpoint. There are certain factors that can increase your chances of developing acid reflux and it is essential that you seek the advice of your doctor if you suffer from  repeat attacks of heartburn or indigestion.

How is Heartburn Acid Reflux Treated in Adults

When it comes to acid reflux, the law of gravity can either become your friend or foe, particularly when you go to bed at night. Nighttime acid reflux can be averted by changing your sleeping position. Simply by sleeping at an incline, the acid can flow back down the esophageal tube.

The next thing is to alter the size of your meals. The greater your stomach distends to make space for food, the less room there is for the digestive fluids. Consume smaller portions and this will help relieve the symptoms. In addition take a careful look at your actual eating habits since there are certain foods that cause acid reflux a lot more than others. Some of the main culprits to avoid are peppermint, chocolate, alcohol and caffeine.

If you have implemented these suggestions but are still experiencing heartburn acid reflux then your doctor may have you take medication created specifically for managing the condition.

There is no actual cure for acid reflux and you will most likely always have to fight flare-ups. When it comes to reflux where nothing you do appears to be working, your doctor may suggest surgery as a last resort.

Smoking and Acid Reflux

Smoking is detrimental to your health and it is said to damage almost every system within the body. The irritation from cigarette smoke breaks down the sensitive tissues in the throat. Once the stomach acid pushes its way up into the esophagus, it will come in contact with these areas thereby irritating and eroding the lining even further.

Acid Reflux and Weight Gain

Obesity is comparable to smoking in that it impacts every system of your body. Heartburn acid reflux is a pressure game in as much that the more pressure put onto the stomach, either internally or externally, the less space there is for the acid and bile. Fatty deposits, like those found in the bulk surrounding the waistline, put pressure onto the stomach. Losing a few pounds is a great way to help alleviate the flare ups of heartburn acid reflux.

Tight Clothing and Heartburn Acid Reflux

In the same way as being obese puts pressure on the stomach, so too does really tight clothing.This is probably not much of an issue for the majority of men since they do not usually wear extremely constrictive clothing around their midsection. Women, on the other hand, can find themselves a victim of their own fashion. Corset tops, while being trendy, can definitely make acid reflux a whole lot worse. Jeans typically sit much lower than the stomach so these are not an issue except in cases where they cause excess fat around the waist to push upwards. The best advice is to wear comfortable clothes until you get your heartburn acid reflux under control.