Kraft Sensible Solution Lunchables For Kids – More Nutrition – Less Fat & Salt

Back to school means back to packing lunches and the daily challenge of giving kids foods they’ll eat,and moms can feel good about. That’s why Lunchables Sensible Solution Lunch Combination’s continues to take the guesswork out of the brown bag dilemma by making fun meal options that are also better for you.

To help mom win the lunchtime struggle, the Lunchables team is working to improve the nutrition attributes of its product line at every opportunity, including reductions in calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium. In addition, they are focusing on providing important nutrients for children, such as calcium, vitamin C, protein and potassium.

In 2006, Lunchables Sensible Solution Lunch Combination’s will introduce options that are sure to be back to school favorites, including:

  • Lunchables Pepperoni Flavored Sausage Mini Pizza:
    Eight mini pizza crusts and toppings allow kids to build their own pizzas while providing an excellent source of calcium and protein as well as a good source of fiber.
  • Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs:
    Kids can have fun topping their own mini hot dogs, while getting a good source of calcium, protein and iron, with less than 5 grams of saturated fat.
  • Lunchables Maxed Out Extra Cheesy Deep Dish Pizza:
    Extra Cheesy Seasoning lets kids take their pizzas from mild to wild.? Plus, this variety now contains 30 percent less fat* and 50 percent less sugar and is an excellent source of calcium, protein and Vitamin C.

* Based on sodium and fat reductions made over the last 24 months.

A Sensible Solution Gives Moms a Sensible Choice

Currently, nine Lunchables products meet the Kraft Sensible Solution guidelines, which means they meet better for you” nutrition criteria,including an upper caloric limit of 250-600 calories, contain no more than 30 percent calories from fat and no more than 10 percent calories from saturated fat plus trans fat, and contain no more than 480-960 mg sodium,on a per serving basis. These products are identified with a green Sensible Solution flag on the front of the package to help make mom’s shopping trip even easier.

Registered Dietitian and mom Bridget Swinney supports the idea that a child’s lunch should be nutritious, delicious and fun. “As a mom, you worry that your kids will end up tossing or trading some lunchtime foods,” says Swinney. “That’s why I think Lunchables Sensible Solution Lunch Combinations prove that better for you doesn’t have to be boring — kids love the taste and moms can feel good about serving them.”

Beat the Brown Bag Blues

The current line-up of Lunchables Sensible Solution Lunch Combinations includes

  • Chicken Shake-Ups(TM), available in BBQ and Nacho Cheese varieties
  • Chicken Dunks(TM)
  • Extra Cheesy Pizza
  • Pepperoni Flavored Sausage Pizza
  • Pizza & Treatza
  • Mini Hot Dogs
  • Pepperoni Flavored Sausage Mini Pizza
  • Maxed Out Extra Cheesy Deep Dish Pizza.

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