Mangosteen Juice for Health Benefits

If you have ever been approached by somebody trying to sell mangosteen juice, you will be only too aware that one of the main selling points is how good it is supposed to be for your health.

This all natural juice comes from the tropical Mangosteen fruit which is grown extensively in South East Asia, where it has been used in folk medicine for many hundreds of years.

Mangosteen is a fruit that is about the size of an apple, with an incredibly thick rind or pericarp and an interior snow white colored fruit. It is classed as an exotic fruit and is virtually unknown in the USA and Europe because of the ultra tropical growing conditions that the tree requires in order to thrive.

Because of it’s pleasant taste, mangosteen is known as The Queen Of Fruits in Asia. It is classed as one of the tastiest tropical fruits with a sweet, sharp mouth-feel that appeals to both local people and visitors alike.

While the inner fruit is prized for its delicate flavor, the outer rind and seeds are considered to have the most health benefits as they are both rich sources of xanthones.

Health & Nutrition : Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits

Xanthones are biologically active plant phenols that are structurally similar to flavonoids and are said to possess incredibly high antioxidant content. There are some two hundred xanthones known to exist in nature with over forty having been identified in the Mangosteen alone. Garlic is the next known closest single source with nine having been identified.

Mangosteen has become one of the fastest growing health and wellness supplements of all time, especially in North America. One reason that it has become so popular is that the nutritional benefits of mangosteen juice cannot be found in other fruits or juices.

However, whether it is simply an overpriced fruit juice, or really does offer some health benefits, only time will tell. Despite all of the claims being made, until actual long term scientific trials are carried out, nobody can be certain about the health benefits of mangosteen or indeed, if there are any side effects.

It is very unlikely to cause any ill effects if taken on a daily basis, so it may just be worth trying it out for yourself  as a tasty addition to your healthy eating and nutrition plan