List of Minerals - List of Minerals in Foods

Calcium Mineral
The large majority of calcium within the body resides in the skeletal system and the teeth and without this important mineral, the body would be a shapeless mass of skin

Chloride Mineral
Chloride is a member of the major mineral family and is better known as the other half of Sodium Chloride or table salt. It's importance inside the body is invaluable

Chromium Mineral
Although the body only requires a small amount of the Chromium mineral,  it is nevertheless an important must have for the body to function properly

Copper Mineral
The copper mineral is a vital component of several important bodily functions and due to this, it is very important that the human body maintains a sufficient supply of this essential nutrient

Fluoride Mineral
While the fluoride mineral is not considered as essential, it does play a significant role in helping to fight tooth decay as well as keeping bones healthy and strong

Iodine Mineral
The Iodine mineral is considered so important to the human body that many countries have passed legislation recommending that Iodine be added to table salt

Iron Mineral
Out of the known minerals, the Iron Mineral is the most important because without it, nothing in this world could survive.

Magnesium Mineral
The Magnesium Mineral is one of the family of major minerals although it is not as well known as some of the other minerals

Molybdenum Mineral
The Molybdenum mineral is one of the family of trace minerals and although the body stores this mineral in most body

Phosphorus Mineral
Within the body, up to 80% of the Phosphorus mineral can be found in the teeth and the bones. Working together, both

Potassium Mineral
As well as being another of the major mineral family, the Potassium mineral is also a member of the electrolyte family

Selenium Mineral
The Selenium mineral is one of the family of trace minerals and as such, the body only needs a small amount. Nevertheless, the Selenium

Sodium Mineral
The Sodium mineral, otherwise known as salt, has been getting a lot of attention over recent years, attention which has been mainly

Sulphur Mineral
The Sulphur mineral is an amazing mineral that has a historical reputation for curing many ailments and alleviating the symtoms

Zinc Mineral
The Zinc mineral is one of the family of trace minerals and is vital to all stages of growth. The Zinc mineral is an essential must have mineral