Health Benefits of Physical Fitness

"A thing that suits its purpose well" is how Aristotle defined fitness some 2,500 years ago and made it a standard. Also, the lungs, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, skeleton and all other body systems try to function at the level and suit the body well. When you exercise, you benefit one or more of these systems and help in your fitness.

The heart will work much harder than when it is resting because of increased physical activity. The blood flow will increase to a level where the cells are flooded with oxygen and all cellular waste products are removed. What exercise does is draw more oxygen into the body through the lungs and to the heart. By exhaling, carbon dioxide is removed which is from the biochemical reactions and is a waste product.

The high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is considered the good type, is raised through regular moderate exercise. Blood sugar levels are controlled by regular exercise and will help to turn stored fat into sugar to provide energy and fight obesity.

Most people are trying to get toned legs, arms, buttocks, build their muscles, and just have skin that looks much healthier. You get all these benefits from a consistent fitness workout routine. Some other benefits from this consistency are a better sense of balance, a healthier state of mind, and increased endurance.

One area will get focused on more than the others when going through the different workouts. Your heart and lungs are helped by the aerobic workouts. You build muscle mass and tone by lifting weights. And your balance, muscular control, and flexibility are all developed by yoga. However, these workouts do not just benefit one area, but help the entire body system as all components work together.

With just a minimum of effort each day, you can begin enjoying these benefits even if only moderate. It takes only 30 minutes each day and five days each week to begin to see results that benefit your physical fitness. And, you do not need specialized training or equipment to start you routine. Just doing a short jog each day, going up a flight of stairs, taking a vigorous walk, and jumping rope are simple and can be done right away.

Your fitness can be improved greatly by slightly more intense workouts as long as they are done properly. All this takes is a few laps in the swimming pool, or spending an hour on a stationary bike, which is just a small investment of money and time. There are also many gym classes and numerous types of home gym equipment that can be purchased at a very affordable price. You can also do daily jogs around the park plus lift free weights and all will help your systems maintain fitness.

Remember that Aristotle said, "To function well is to live well."