Benefits of St Johns Wort for Anxiety and Depression

Sometimes, the types of medications that are offered by doctors and hospitals just do not work out for us. Whether there is too high of an occurrence of side effects when you are taking a particular medication or it just does not seem to be working for you, it is helpful to know that there are alternative types of treatments available.

What is Bacterial Meningitis and is it Contagious

It is hard to believe that such a tiny unicellular bacterium can hold so much power over us. The sheer fear of coming into contact or being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis has some people running to the store for anti bacterial products with the hope of thwarting the potential case of this deadly disease.

Why Your Body Needs Fat

For some people, body fat is a topic of humor while for others it is an obsession but whichever way you look at it, the whole issue of body fat seems to interest almost everybody. Although fat is part of everybody’s anatomy, it takes on a higher level of significance to some people than others. So, what is body fat, why do we have it and how does it affect our bodies, both positively and negatively.

Herbs for Good Health – Health Benefits of Herbs

If you have paid any attention to mainstream news in the last year or two, you have probably noticed a growing and alarming problem. Standard pharmaceutical drugs can have severe side effects that are not known about until something really bad has happened. More often than not though, the side effects from these drugs are actually known from the start. It often almost seems as if the side effects a drug causes are worse than the problem they are trying to relieve you from in the first place.

Asperger Syndrome – What is Aspergers

Folks who suffer from Asperger syndrome exhibit impaired social behavior, motor milestones, limited patterns of repetitiveness and even clumsiness. It is also known as Asperger’s Syndrome or AS and is one of numerous disorders associated with autism.

Prenatal Yoga Positions – Exercises for Pregnant Women

Rather than give up exercising because you are expecting,  you can participate in prenatal yoga, which is safe for both you and your unborn baby. There are a number of yoga positions you can engage in that will help you to feel better during every phase of your pregnancy. Moreover, there are even centers across the country that specialize in exercises for pregnant women.

Belly Dancing Workout for Fitness and Health

The belly dancing workout began life as a fertility ritual that came out of the Middle East. Today thanks to modern culture and celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who wear skin baring costumes, coin belts and move and gyrate their bodies in a sensuous manner, belly dancing is becoming not just an ancient art form but also a fun way to exercise and keep in shape.

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