Head Lice

The Truth About Head Lice

Contrary to popular belief, the truth about head lice is that they are more annoying than dangerous and prefer frequently washed hair rather than a dirty head

Facts About Head Lice

There are as many myths as there are facts about head lice. When trying to combat head lice, the key is to arm yourself with the right information and to ignore the misinformation

Symptoms of Head Lice In Children

The most common symptoms of head lice in children is itching, but a light infestation may not cause irritation. Head lice in children is not a dangerous condition, but it must be treated immediately

Hygiene and Head Lice Infestation

Head lice do not spread disease, but you should do everything possible to control a lice infestation so that it does not spread. It could ultimately make it back to you

How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Knowing how to get rid of head lice is a problem faced by many parents of school age children. Head lice are contagious and quite difficult to rid your household of the adults and eggs

Getting Rid Of Head Lice and Nits

There are several very effective over the counter treatments for getting rid of head lice, all of which contain one of three approved insecticides that kill the lice

Most Effective Lice Treatment

Lice treatment is relatively easy and painless process. There are numerous head lice products on the market and it is worth talking with a pharmacist about these various remedies

Headlice Prevention and Treatment Tips

Headlice treatment is a problem that nobody wants to deal with, but because lice are so contagious, quick action in treating an infestation is vital to prevent them spreading to all family members

How to Choose the Best Head Lice Treatment Products

There are several head lice treatment products available but because some contain chemical pesticides, it is vital that the lice products you choose is not going to do more harm than good

Head Lice Home Treatments

There are several head lice home treatments for getting rid of head lice in your home including the use of olive oil, mayonnaise and petroleum jelly

Products to Kill Head Lice

The process to kill head lice is a task that requires patience and perseverance. Getting rid of head lice for good involves killing all the live lice, manually removing nits and cleaning your home

Natural Head Lice Treatment with Essential Oils

Natural head lice treatment with essential oils can be very effective provided that you understand the potency of undilluted oils and the fact that they should never be used on children

Headlice Remedy and Treatment for Children

With the various over-the-counter topical treatments specifically designed to treat head lice and nits, headlice remedy and treatment is relatively easy and painless
Page Updated: July 30, 2018
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