How does Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Work

If you ever feel lethargic and unmotivated or maybe the opposite of being perpetually anxious, stressed and on the go, researchers of acupuncture and Chinese medicine would simply shake their heads and offer you a spot in an acupuncture clinic. This is where the practice of using needles to stimulate certain acupuncture points is used to provide relief for all sorts of ailments from headaches to alcoholism. For years, psychologists have scratched their heads about mind over matter, but the proof is in the pudding and for numerous folks around the world, acupuncture works full stop!

How to Control Your Body Temperature

One of the most difficult things for athletes to do, especially in extreme weather conditions, is to control their core body temperature. On a hot day the body generates heat during exercise at faster rate than the atmosphere will allow it to dissipate. In extreme circumstances, even the atmosphere can make the body temperature rise, let alone allow it to dissipate heat itself.

7 Tips On Buying a New Mattress

“The Princess and the Pea” is a well-known fairy tale about how a princess could feel that pea under a mattress that hindered her sleep.  Do you have any ideas what is it about your mattress that might be keeping you up at night?

What is Biofeedback

If you are looking for a more natural way to relieve your stress or lower your blood pressure, you may want to think about undergoing a biofeedback session in order to learn more about your body’s processes and functions. This will give you the information you need to become more aware of your body’s reactions to certain foods or conditions, and you will learn which items may increase your body temperature or heighten your stress level without you even noticing.

E Coli Bacteria Facts

Good bacteria do exist and even the dreaded E coli bacteria is not as bad as you might think, provided it is not a genetically mutated strand outside the body. Escherichia coli are found naturally occurring in the lower intestine. It gives off Vitamin K and helps you with digestion. Unfortunately, the bad press surrounding these bacteria is a result of the harmful bacteria strands that can make you very, very ill.

Hydrotherapy Massage – Healing Power of Water Massage Therapy

Hydrotherapy massage is a form of natural healing that works by using the movement of water, as well as its warmth and even its turbulence, to perform a number of useful healing functions in the body. Hydrotherapy, which first came out of the Popular Health Movement started by Frances Wright in 1830, is a method of reducing stress, decreasing discomfort from a number of health problems and encouraging healing after surgery. Popular in Europe, water massage therapy is gaining ground in the western hemisphere as more and more people become aware of its many benefits to health.

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